Safety First

  • If you are at risk, we encourage you to continue to participate via SRB Live, at least for now.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join via SRB Live
  • If you have any reservations or do not feel comfortable in a crowd, do not feel obligated to rejoin us yet. SRB Live will continue.

As We Gather

  • Please wear a face covering. Remember, My mask protects you, Your mask protects me.
  • Clean your hands with hand sanitizer in the hall.
  • Please practice 6’ social distancing between non-family members.
  • Ushers will be there to help you find seats.
  • No bulletins for now. No hymnals either, for now.
  • Greet each other with waves, or elbow bumps. Avoid hugs and handshakes, for now.
  • No food or beverages will be available, for now.
  • Restrooms are available for urgent needs.
  • Thank you for your faithfulness with your offerings.  You may continue online, by mail, or you may drop yours in the offering plate in the worship center.
  • After service, please exit the building out all doors.
  • Enjoy fellowship outside, please maintaining physical distance.


  • No Sunday School or Nursery/childcare for now.
  • All of the above will be reviewed and adjusted as guidance and conditions change regularly.

Final Thoughts

  • We ALL long to be back together as our SRB Family and we will in time. This Sunday is just one step in that direction.
  • COVID-19 is clearly not behind us yet, but it seems that gathering with wise precautions is safe.
  • If you have any reservations about coming Sunday, you have complete freedom not to come and join us online with SRB Live.